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Rıfkı Tongsir Cad. No: 115, D 10-11,
34841 Maltepe /İstanbul - Türkiye
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National Palaces Painting Museum

National Palaces Painting Museum is home to Turkey’s most valuable and unique works of art. This magnificent collection offers visitors a magical experience by presenting outstanding examples of Turkish and global art. As UVA family, we have developed special lighting solutions that emphasise artistic values in order to contribute to this experience.

“Our work at the National Palaces Painting Museum has focused on highlighting the unique works and revealing their full artistic beauty. For this purpose, we used custom designed framing projectors. These projectors bring out the details and colours of the paintings vividly, with a precise and clear beam of light focused on the artwork.

Appealing to the eyes of museum visitors, this lighting solution makes them feel that each work of art is special and unique. This allows visitors to immerse themselves even more deeply in the atmosphere of the museum and makes their experience unforgettable as they pass by the works of art.

As UVA, we have brought together our experience in the lighting sector and our respect for art with these works in the National Palaces Painting Museum. Thus, we were able to offer museum visitors a richer and more unforgettable experience. UVA is proud to have done a successful job in this project, which further emphasises artistic values and reveals the splendour of the works with the lighting solutions we have developed.

UVA Team
UVA Team