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About Us

UVA Lighting

We Are Transforming
Your Living Spaces With the
Power of Light

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Welcome ! As UVA Lighting, we are here to make life brighter where technology and design meet. Lighting not only illuminates a space, but also determines the atmosphere, perception and experience. This is exactly what we do: We transform your living spaces, workplaces and communities with LED Lighting, Smart Lighting and Automation Systems.

Our Team

UVA Lighting's team is made up of experienced and passionate professionals from a range of disciplines. Each of us believes in the power of lighting design to transform living spaces, both functionally and aesthetically. Our team brings a creative perspective to every project and constantly keeps abreast of technological innovations, keeping our solutions up-to-date and effective. Whether it is a large-scale architectural project or a small interior design, our team is always ready to serve our clients.


Lighting design

UVA Lighting’s Lighting Design Team not only emphasises the architectural and natural environment, but also enhances people’s quality of life and the aesthetic value of cities.



UVA Lighting’s Automation Team ensures that lighting projects are integrated with technology down to the finest details.

Transforming Life with Lighting

Our Mission
UVA Lighting's mission is to transform life and add value to living spaces with lighting technology and design. For us, lighting not only illuminates a space, but also determines the atmosphere, experience and quality of life. Thus, we aim to offer only the highest-quality lighting solutions for every project. We follow the latest innovations in lighting technologies and integrate them into our projects. With our leading solutions in LED Lighting, Smart Lighting and Automation Systems, we offer our customers the most suitable, most efficient and most aesthetic lighting options. Our relationships with our customers are based on understanding and respect. We listen carefully to the individual needs and goals for each project and turn each project into a success story through cooperation and open communication.

Institutions and Organisations
We Lightened.

As UVA Lighting, we have successfully met the lighting needs of different sectors and spaces with various projects we have realised so far.
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Shaping the Future
with Lighting

Our Vision

UVA Lighting's vision is to shape the future by pushing the boundaries of lighting technology and design. Designing and implementing the lighting solutions of the future today is at the forefront of our goals. Innovations in lighting technologies are transforming not only physical spaces, but also how experiences and lives are shaped. We aim to be the leader of this transformation and create sustainable, efficient and impressive living spaces with lighting technology. Working in a close cooperation with our customers and business partners, we aim to positively impact both the individuals and the societies together with our lighting solutions. This includes not only creating beautiful and functional lighting designs, but also investing in a greener and more sustainable future. With this vision, as UVA Lighting, we are working to add value to the lives of people around the world and to illuminate their lives with our light.


Transform your living spaces!

Are you ready to transform your living spaces and projects with innovative and sustainable lighting solutions with UVA Lighting?